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About Michelle Burnham

Michelle Burnham specializes in early American literature, transoceanic early modern literature, Native American literature, and the novel. She is the author of Folded Selves: Colonial American Writing in the World System (2007) and editor of A Separate Star: Selected Writings of Helen Hunt Jackson (2008).
She is currently working on a book project on narrative, commercial, and political expectation in the transoceanic eighteenth century, tentatively titled The Calculus of Risk: Temporality in the Revolutionary Atlantic-Pacific. She is also preparing a second edition of The Female American for Broadview Press.
Courses taught by Dr. Burnham include early American literature, Native American literature, the novel, and popular culture.
More info about Dr. Burnham, including her research interests, representative publications, and her CV, can be found on her SCU Faculty page.


Present English Department Chair, Santa Clara University
Present Professor of English, Santa Clara University



Contact Information

Phone: 408.554.4386
Fax: 408.554.4837
Location: St. Joseph's Hall
Room number: 104


Research Works (20)