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Solution-focused coaching in pediatric rehabilitation: An integrated model for practice
Physical & Occupational Therapy in Pediatrics (2013)
  • Patricia Baldwin, Thames Valley Children's Centre
  • Gillian King, Bloorview Research Institute
  • Jan Evans, Thames Valley Children's Centre
  • Stacy McDougall, Thames Valley Children's Centre
  • Mary Ann Tucker, Thames Valley Children's Centre
  • Michelle Servais, TVCC and Western University
This article describes the conceptual basis and key elements of a transdisciplinary model for solution-focused coaching in pediatric rehabilitation (SFC-peds). The model exemplifies a strengths-based, relational, and goal-oriented approach to clinical practice. It provides a distinct shift from a problem-oriented, therapist-directed approach to a possibilities-oriented approach where client empowerment takes precedence. The model facilitates client change through a method of working with client strengths and resources that involves the use of strategic questions to co-construct therapy intervention. Through client–therapist collaboration, therapy goals and plans are developed that align with client hopes, priorities, and readiness for change. SFC supports client self-determination and capacity for change through customized therapy goals and plans that are meaningful for the child and family. Implications for therapists include the need for relational expertise, practical coaching skills, and expertise in facilitating change. The need for research on the effectiveness of this approach in pediatric rehabilitation is discussed.
  • Coaching,
  • pediatric rehabilitation,
  • relationship-based,
  • service delivery,
  • solution-focused
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Baldwin, P. J., King, G., Evans, J., McDougall, S., Tucker, M. A., & Servais, M. (2013). Solution-focused coaching in pediatric rehabilitation: An integrated model for practice. Physical & Occupational Therapy in Pediatrics, 33(4), 467-483. doi:10.3109/01942638.2013.784718