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An evaluation of the paediatric acquired brain injury community outreach programme (PABICOP)
Brain Injury (2006)
  • Janette McDougall, TVCC and Western University
  • Michelle Servais, Thames Valley Children's Centre
  • Joy Sommerfreund, Thames Valley Children's Centre
  • Ellen Rosen, London Health Sciences Centre
  • Jane Gillett, Hamilton Health Sciences Centre
  • Janice Gray, Thames Valley Children's Centre
  • Sara Somers, Thames Valley Children's Centre
  • Pamela Frid, Thames Valley Children's Centre
  • David DeWitt, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
  • Lisa Pearlman, London Health Sciences Centre
  • Frances Hicock, Thames Valley Children's Centre
Primary objective: To examine the utility of a coordinated, family/community-focused programme (PABICOP) vs. a standard approach for improving outcomes for children with ABI and their families.

Research design: Pre-test–post-test design, with comparison group and follow-up.

Methods and procedures: Ninety-six children (64 children receiving PABICOP services and 32 children receiving standard care) participated in the study. Measures were completed at baseline and 3 and 12 months later.

Main outcomes and results: Parents/caregivers with more than 10 contacts with PABICOP scored significantly higher on an ABI knowledge quiz than either parents/caregivers with 10 contacts or less or the comparison group at post-test and follow-up. Parents/caregivers with 10 contacts or less with PABICOP reported significantly greater improvements in children's school and total competence on the CBCL than either parents/caregivers with more than 10 contacts or the comparison group at post-test and follow-up.

Conclusions: PABICOP may be more useful for enhancing knowledge of ABI for parents/caregivers and for integrating children into the community over a 1-year period than a standard approach. The amount of service received appears to influence outcomes.
  • Acquired brain injury,
  • paediatric ABI,
  • rehabilitation,
  • community outreach,
  • program evaluation,
  • family outcomes,
  • child outcomes
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McDougall, J., Servais, M., Sommerfreund, J., Rosen, E., Gillett, J., Gray, J., Sommers, S., Frid, P., DeWit, D., Pearlman, L., & Hicock, F. (2006). An evaluation of the Pediatric Acquired Brain Injury Community Outreach Programme (PABICOP). Brain Injury, 20(11), 1189-1205. doi: