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About Max Bulsara

Professor Max K. Bulsara is a Biostatistician, and is an adjunct professor at School of Population Health, University of Western Australia, visiting professor at University College London. He has been involved in epidemiological studies for over three decades.

Publications: Research output includes 223 published (peer reviewed and letters) scientific journal articles. He has 14 published book chapters and technical reports. He has a total of 7313 citations with an h-index of 45, i10-index of 92.

Grants: CI on National Institute for Health Research, Health Technology Assessment Programme, UK ($2,250,652), 9 x NHMRC grants ($7,389,847) and 2 NHMRC grant I am listed as an Associate Investigator ($675,026). Currently or have been CI on 13 other competitive grants ($1,999,801). Total research funding: $12,175,850.

Awards and Achievements: Best Insight Award in Nutrition and Dietetics for my work with patients with Cystic Fibrosis. WA Inventor of the Year 2006: Research Organisation Category, for the development of HEPASCORE, a non-invasive method of diagnosing liver fibrosis.

Supervision: Co-supervised 7 PhD students successfully to completion, am currently co-supervising 5 PhD student within the School of Population Health at UWA as well as 5 PhD students from UND and two PhD’s from Curtin, giving me a total of 17 PhD students.

Editorial Responsibilities: I review research grants from NHMRC and Cancer Council. I have also been invited by NHMRC to be a member of their Grant Review Panel and Panel member for Research Fellowship. I am an Associate Editor for Open Access Medical Statistics, on the Editorial Board of the BMC Public Health Journal, BMC Medical Research Methodology Journal, BMC Proceedings Journal, Cochrane Acute Respiratory Infections Group and Cochrane Breast Cancer Group, Journal of Medical Statistics and Informatics.

Research Grants:
A/Prof Anne-Marie Hill, A/Prof Terrence Haines, A/Prof Christopher Etherton-Beer, Dr Steven McPhail, Prof Meg Morris, Prof Leon Flicker, Dr Ronald Shorr, Prof Max Bulsara, Ms Jacqui Francis-Coad, Ms Den-Ching Lee, Dr Nicholas Waldron "Innovative Patient Education for Preventing Falls after Hospital Discharge" 2015-2018 $573,186 (NHMRC APP1078918)
A/Prof Rachael Moorin, Prof David Preen, Prof Jane Hall, Prof Mark Harris, Ms Delia Hendrie, Prof Max Bulsara, Prof Alistair Vickery, Mr David Gibson, Dr David Whyatt, A/Prof Diane Arnold-Reed, Dr Ian McRae, Prof Tom Brett, Dr William Hart "Does continuity of primary care reduce demand on emergency department presentations and hospital admissions"? 2015-2018 $793,864 (NHMRC APP1078345)
Prof Martin Ebert, Dr Jason Dowling, Prof Jim Denham, Prof David Joseph, Dr Sarah Gulliford, Prof David Dearnaley, Prof Annette Haworth, Dr Lois Holloway, Prof Tomas Kron, Prof Peter Greer, Dr Kerwyn Foo, Prof Nigel Spry, Dr Colin Tang, Prof Sean Bydder, Prof Max Bulsara, Dr Soumya Ghose, Dr Allison Steigler, Dr Oscar Acosta, Mrs Ruth Abberley, Mr Ross Herbert "Radiotherapy treatment for prostate cancer - a change in practice based on direct evidence for targeting and toxicity effects using real outcomes data" 2015-2018, $535,546 (NHMRC APP1077788)
Barry Marshall, Susan Prescott, Peter Richmond, Mohammed Benghezal, Alma Fulurija, Debbie Palmer, Max Bulsara "Development of a novel immunotherapy for childhood eczema and allergy" 2014-2016, $919,596 (NHMRC Development Grants App1074488)
Young J, Lennox N, van Dooren K, Preen D, Arnold-Reed D, Kinner S, Bulsara M. "Health service utilisation in Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in the first two years after release from prison" 2014:$17,000 (UWA-UQ Bilateral Research Collaboration Awards 2013 Round 4).

Cameron Platell, Melanie McCoy, Nikolajs Zeps, Anna Nowak, Christine Hemmings and Max Bulsara "Predicting response to neo-adjuvant chemo-radiotherapy in patients with resectable rectal cancer" 2013-2015: $196,825 (Cancer Council of Western Australia APP1048279)

J. Vaidya, M. Baum, J. Tobias, M. Bulsara, S. Morris, L. Fallowfield, M. Keshtgar, S. Ebbs, N. Williams, I. Potyka and C. Brew-Graves. "TARGIT-B: An international randomised controlled trial to compare targeted intra-operative radiotherapy boost with conventional external beam radiotherapy boost after breast conserving surgery for women with early stage breast cancer and a high risk of local recurrence" 2012-2022: $2,250,652 (National Institute for Health Research, Health Technology Assessment Programme, UK, ref: 10/104/07 c7377)

Joseph D, Saunders C, Bulsara M and Corica T. "Verification of long-term outcomes of the randomised TARGIT trial: TARGeted Intraoperative radioTherapy for early breast cancer" 2012-2014: $90,000 (Cancer Council of Western Australia APP1021376)


Present Chair in Biostatistics, The University of Notre Dame Australia Institute for Health Research

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Honors and Awards

  • Best Insight Award in Nutrition and Dietetics for my work with Dr Denise Stapleton and others on patients with Cystic Fibrosis
  • WA Inventor of the Year 2006: Research Organisation Category, for the development of HEPASCORE, a non-invasive method of diagnosing liver fibrosis with Dr Leon Adams, Dr Gary Jeffery and Dr Ric Rossi


  • Statistical methods in Epidemiology (particularly in Type 1 diabetes, Cancer and Cardiovascular disease)
  • Analysis of longitudinal data (with complex covariance structures) and repeated measures
  • Analysis of recurrent event data, Analysis of spatial and temporal data (Environmental Epidemiology and GIS)
  • Biostatistical models applied to complex data and Statistical consulting

Contact Information

Professor Max K. Bulsara
PhD(Dist), MSc, BSc(Hons)
Chair in Biostatistics
Phone: +618 9433 0297

Articles (98)