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Contribution to Book
Chapter 18. Cerebrovascular Accidents
Critical Care Obstetrics (2008)
  • Mark W. Tomlinson, Wayne State University
  • Bernard Gonik, Wayne State University
This chapter contains sections titled:
  • Regulation of Cerebral Blood Flow
  • Subarachnoid Hemorrhage
  • Clinical Presentation
  • Diagnosis
  • Management
  • Preecalmpsia‐Associated Intracerebral Hemorrhage
  • Ischemic Stroke
  • cerebrovascular accidents,
  • intracranial hemorrhage,
  • arteriovenous malformations,
  • brain tumors,
  • dural venous sinus thrombosis
Publication Date
January 30, 2008
Gary A. Dildy III MD, Editor in Chief Michael A. Belfort MBBCH, MD, PhD George R. Saade MD Jeffrey P. Phelan MD, JD Gary D.V. Hankins MD Steven L. Clark MD
Blackwell Science
Publisher Statement
The fourth edition of Critical Care Obstetrics has been extensively revised to reflect the advances that have been made in maternal-fetal medicine. This edition contains 14 brand new chapters written by the field's leading physicians.

Critical Care Obstetrics, 4/e, offers expanded coverage in areas vital to intensive care management, including Neonatal Resuscitation, The Organ Transplant Obstetrical Patient, and Ethical Considerations.

This practical guide and reference will be of invaluable assistance to obstetricians, and primary care physicians, in both the treatment and referral of high-risk patients.
Citation Information
Mark W. Tomlinson and Bernard Gonik. "Chapter 18. Cerebrovascular Accidents" 4thHoboken, NJCritical Care Obstetrics (2008) p. 240 - 251
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