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About Mario Rizzo

My research is grounded on four fundamental premises: (1) the decentralization of knowledge in a complex society, such as ours, is important in the explanation of both economic and social phenomena; (2) human action should be understood in a contextual way -- both the individual and social context is needed to to make sense of what people do and how they relate to one another;
(3) these phenomena are, wherever possible, best viewed as processes in time; and (4) economic and social policies usually have important unintended consequences.
My central interests are in the interfaces between philosophy and economics, law and economics, and ethics and economics. I believe that philosophy is a more important sister discipline to economics than mathematics. Accordingly, the methods applied in my work reflect this.


Present Faculty Member, New York University


Research Interests

Ethics and Economics, Law and Economics, Psychology and Economics, Foundations of Economic Theory and Moral and Economic Paternalism, Classical Liberalism

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Contact Information

New York University
Department of Economics
269 Mercer Street
New York, NY 10003


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