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Perspectives in Hiring Academic Librarians with Frequent Job Changes
Journal of Library Administration (2018)
  • Marilia Y. Antunez, University of Akron
Librarian candidates’ frequent job changes can affect the probability of being hired. The aim of this study is to investigate the perspectives of library administrators and other librarians who had made hiring recommendations (e.g., served in search committees) toward librarian candidates with frequent job changes; 230 participants completed the online survey. Age, gender, type of academic institution and the number of libraries that the participant had worked during their career were not predictors of bias. More than half believed frequent job changes reflected unfavorably on candidates. Findings suggested that there is no systematic bias of librarian candidates with frequent job changes.
  • frequent job changes,
  • changing jobs,
  • academic libraries,
  • external job changes
Publication Date
Spring March 13, 2018
Citation Information
Marilia Y. Antunez. "Perspectives in Hiring Academic Librarians with Frequent Job Changes" Journal of Library Administration Vol. 58 Iss. 3 (2018) p. 205 - 229
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