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About Maia F. Bailey

I am an evolutionary biologist with a focus on plant breeding system evolution. Plants exhibit a wide range of breeding systems across families, species and populations. I am interested in how processes within and among populations interact to maintain breeding system polymorphisms. For this research, I use formal and informal models, field studies, genetic markers, and greenhouse experiments.


Present Assistant Professor, Evolutionary Biology, Providence College

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Honors and Awards

  • ROA: Ecological and genetic contributions to pollen viability in a gynodioecious species, NSF
  • EPSCoR: Infrastructure to Advance Life Sciences in the Ocean State, NSF
  • MRI: Acquisition of a laser scanning confocal microscope for research and training in biology at Providence College, NSF


  • BIO104 General Biology II
  • BIO124 Ethnobotany
  • BIO227 Genes and Gender
  • BIO209 Introductory Botany
  • BIO403 Plant Physiology
  • DWC202 Evolution, Human Nature and Society

Gynodioecy theory (4)

Gynodioecy research (7)

Genetic architecture of weedy plant populations (1)