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A Review of the Literature on Bilingual Education
Gastón Institute Publications
  • Lorna Rivera, University of Massachusetts Boston
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Fact Sheet
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Changes in bilingual education will have an important impact on the future well-being of the growing Latino community in Massachusetts. This report summarizes some of the major research findings regarding the purposes and effectiveness of bilingual education. Questions that will be addressed include: What are the existing bilingual education models? Which bilingual education models work best? Should there be time limits for bilingual education? Do immigrants resist learning English? Does speaking another language interfere with learning? Should bilingual students be exempt from state-mandated testing? Are bilingual teachers qualified? Are bilingual education students more likely to dropout? It is hoped that readers will examine the studies cited in this report more closely, and that this information will be used to better inform decisions about the future of bilingual education.
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Lorna Rivera. "A Review of the Literature on Bilingual Education" (2002)
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