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About Lisa Rovick, EdD, CO, COMT

Lisa is a faculty member of the Interprofessional Education (IPE) at St. Catherine University who initially came to develop and direct a pioneering Orthoptic program and join the faculty for the Ophthalmic Technician program. She has practiced Orthoptics in a Pediatric Ophthalmology clinic and on several teams providing eye care to children living in poverty in Guatemala.
Lisa has been an active presenter at national and international eye care meeting since her certification in 1988.

In the IPE Department, Lisa has developed an interest in how teams develop and is studying ways to help interprofessional student teams rapidly develop cohesiveness and a sense of psychological safety.

A life-long musician, Lisa is passionate about the value of exposure to the arts and humanities as critical element in the education of a complete healthcare professional and values collaboration with other faculty from the broad spectrum of disciplines represented at St. Catherine University.


Present Associate Professor, Interprofessional Education, St. Catherine University Interprofessional Education Department

Curriculum Vitae

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Professional Service and Affiliations

2020 - Present Kappa Delta Pi, American College of Education
2020 - Present co-chair, • Simulation Task Force, IPE subcommittee
2019 - Present member, Academic Resources Committee
2019 - Present member, Minnesota Gerontological Society
2018 - Present Program Committee, Association of Technical Personnel in Ophthalmology
1988 - Present member, American Association of Certified Orthoptists
Present member, Team Based Learning Collaborative
2019 - 2020 member, Academic Excellence Task Force
2019 - 2020 member, IPE Task Force
2020 Vision Screening Committee, American Association of Certified Orthoptists
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Honors and Awards

  • Lancaster Award, American Association of Certified Orthoptists
  • Fellow, Association of Technical Personnel in Ophthalmology
  • Kappa Delta Pi scholar
  • 25 year Teaching Award: iJCAHPO


  • HNRS 4990 Barking Backwards Aging, Women, and Literature
  • IPE 1050 Pain and Suffering: An Interprofessional Perspective
  • IPE 2800 Healthcare Teams: Aging
  • IPE 1040 Healthcare Teams and Quality Outcomes
  • IPE 1030 Healthcare Teams Foundations and Medical Terminology


Present EdD, American College of Education ‐ EdD
2015 - 2016 Certificate Holistic Health Studies, St. Catherine University ‐ Holistic Health Studies
2008 Masters, Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, Florida ‐ Masters of Health, Science
1979 BA, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota ‐ Psychology

Contact Information

Phone: 612-716-4418


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