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About Kermit J. Lind

Professor Lind taught history at Cleveland State, led nonprofit advocacy organizations for 13 years and practiced law in Cleveland for eight years before joining the clinical faculty at C-M Law. During his 16 years as a clinician, he supervised the Urban Development Law Clinic that provided legal services to nonprofit community development corporations in Cleveland’s neighborhoods. In 2005 he received the Michael R. White award for public service from the Cleveland Community Development Coalition. He pioneered in the use of Ohio’s residential public nuisance abatement statute by nonprofit developers who brought civil actions in the Cleveland Municipal Housing Court to abate blighted housing conditions. He was co-counsel in cases brought against big banks, Wells Fargo and Deutsche Bank, to require their compliance as homeowners with local housing maintenance codes using nuisance laws requiring homeowners to be responsible for the harm caused by their property. Professor Lind authored several law review articles prior to retirement and now writes, consults and lectures on community development law and public policy.


Present Clinical Professor Emeritus, Cleveland State University

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Honors and Awards

  • Michael R. White Award for Public Service (2005)

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