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About Katina Pollock

Associate Professor, Faculty of Education
Past Co-Director, Knowledge Network for Applied Education Research, Secretariat
Past Director, Western's Centre for Education Leadership
I am an Associate Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy in the field of Critical Policy, Equity, and Leadership Studies at the Faculty of Education, Western University. The overall goal of my research agenda is to support and improve public education systems; to this effect, my research focuses on supporting school leaders. Specifically, I focus on school leaders’ work intensification and well-being, policy development and implementation, and the mobilization of knowledge. As a scholar in leadership and policy, I have received several research grants and contracts from a number of funding organizations, including the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC). My SSHRC Insight Development Grant (2013–2016) explored the contemporary work of secondary school principals. My subsequent SSHRC Insight Grants have focused on secondary school principals’ work intensification (2016–2021) and the relationship of policy and principals’ work (2015–2023). In addition to federal research funding, I also work closely with several professional organizations, such as the Ontario Principals’ Council (OPC) and the Association des Directions et Directions Adjointes des Ecoles Franco-Ontariennes (ADFO). Thus far, I have completed two provincial studies, funded by the OPC, that explored principals’ (2014) and vice-principals’ (2016) work. Presently, I am completing a study about French and French Catholic principals’ work in Ontario. My research has also been supported by the Ontario provincial government (2011–2014). In 2018, I studied the work of principals in relation to the Ontario Leadership Framework. My research findings can be found in the research project page of my website, and all of my publications are included in the publications page. In addition to traditional scholarship, I have also taken on a number of leadership roles: between 2011–2014, I was Co-Director of the UCEA Centre for International Study of School Leadership, and between 2014–2018 I was the Director of the Western Centre for Education Leadership. These centres focus on supporting aspiring, new, and experienced education leaders by generating and mobilizing evidence-based research knowledge about school leadership. I am past Co-Director of the Knowledge Network for Applied Education Research (KNAER), an innovative initiative supported by the Ontario Ministry of Education. Currently, I supervise graduate students’ research on education leaders’ practices and well-being.


Present Associate Professor, Educational Leadership and Policy in the field of Critical Policy, Equity, and Leadership Studies, Western University Faculty of Education


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