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Inquiry and Leadership: A Resource for the DNP Project
Faculty Authored Books
  • Kathy Reavy, Boise State University
How do you... identify your scholarly project practice problem? assess and select the relevant literature and studies? evaluate the outcome? disseminate the information to ensure better care outcomes? Be prepared for your DNP scholarly project! Step by step, you'll learn everything you need to know to successfully complete your project and develop the leadership skills that enhance the DNP's role in practice. All of the information you your fingertips The theoretical and philosophical foundations of evidence-based practice and their importance to DNPs in practice The evidence-based practice process and its role in the scholarly project Rationales and tools for assessing the trustworthiness and application of the best available evidence The process of translating research into evidence-based practice Methods for evaluating research and determining the appropriate evaluation strategy The presentation and dissemination of project findings "Writing Reminders" boxes - suggestions for phrasing statistical test findings to ensure their effective dissemination
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Kathy Reavy. Inquiry and Leadership: A Resource for the DNP Project. Philadelphia(2016)
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