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Chapter 11: Complications and Management of Chronic Kidney Disease: Diabetes
Chronic Kidney Disease, Dialysis, and Transplantation (2010)
  • Katherine R. Tuttle
Publication Date
Jonathan Himmelfarb & Mohamed H. Sayegh
Publisher Statement
Chronic Kidney Disease, Dialysis in Transplantation is a companion to Brenner and Rector's The Kidney. This 3rd edition is designed to provide a comprehensive and systematic review of the latest available information concerning patho-biology, clinical consequences and therapeutics over a wide spectrum of clinically important kidney diseases. The pace of acquisition of new knowledge in kidney disease is fast and furious, and our goal is to bring a thoughtful, well organized exposition of this burgeoning knowledge base to the readers. To accomplish this we are pleased to have been able to assemble a leading panel of expert contributors who have been challenged to summarize state of the art knowledge in each chapter of the book.

Compared to previous editions, the number of chapters in each section has been expanded and every chapter in this edition has been thoroughly revised and updated. New chapters have been created to cover topics of emerging importance such as chronic kidney disease in the elderly, pharmacoepidemiology in kidney disease, utilization and outcomes of peritoneal dialysis, and biomarkers in acute kidney injury. It is our hope that the reader of these and other chapters will become acquainted with the latest thinking in some of the most important topics in kidney disease. Thus the book is designed to be both a reference source and a practical guide to the clinical management of most major kidney diseases. The text should prove useful and valuable to clinicians, educators and investigators alike.
Citation Information
Katherine R. Tuttle. "Chapter 11: Complications and Management of Chronic Kidney Disease: Diabetes" 3rdPhiladelphia, PAChronic Kidney Disease, Dialysis, and Transplantation (2010) p. 145 - 163
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