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About Karl Bailey

Karl Bailey is a Professor of Psychology in the Behavioral Sciences Department at Andrews University, and the director of the undergraduate Behavioral Neuroscience Program. A cognitive psychologist by training, Dr. Bailey's work with his research students on attention and self-control among Seventh-day Adventist young adults led him to the study of the relationship between religious belief and motivation. For the past four years, Dr. Bailey and his students have been working on a large project to develop and refine instruments to study the internalization of Sabbath keeping among Seventh-day Adventists, and to better understand the positive relationship between Sabbath keeping and well-being. Dr. Bailey and his students (along with Herb Helm) also use eye tracking to study watercolor paintings and language comprehension in the Andrews University Cognitive Psychology Laboratory.

Dr. Bailey has taught courses in cognitive psychology, learning and behavior, psychology and the brain, research methods, cognitive science and faith, and the statistical programming language R. He also is one of the leaders of the department’s annual trip to Chicago to attend the Midwestern Psychological Association Annual Meeting.


Present Director, Behavioral Neuroscience Program, Andrews University
Present Professor of Psychology, Andrews University Behavioral Sciences Department


BS, Andrews University
MA, Michigan State University
PhD, Michigan State University

Contact Information

Office Location: 219 Buller Hall
Phone: (269) 471-3577


Religious Cognition (13)

Free Will (2)

Visual Cognition (19)