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About Kade Finnoff

Kade Finnoff's research and teaching covers a broad range of topics on economic development, gendered violence and the political economy of violent conflict. Currently, she teaches Macroeconomics, Economic Development, the Political Economy of Violent Conflict and the Political Economy of Development within Africa. Kade Finnoff is a development economist whose work primarily focuses on countries emerging from violent conflict. In particular, her work looks at the way in which the reconstitution of society is exclusionary or inclusive of particularly vulnerable and marginalized groups such as, female headed households, children and people with disabilities. She has spent a number of years working on issues of inequality and violence, in particular sexual violence, in countries in Central Africa and more recently in India. Kade has also worked on economic integration of people with disabilities with various local and international NGO’s in South Asia, Central America and Africa. Kade has also been a technical consultant for UNDP, UNIFEM, and UNWomen on a range of issues from pro-poor macroeconomic policy to gender budgeting of post-conflict development assistance.


Present Assistant Professor of Economics, College of Liberal Arts, University of Massachusetts Boston


Contact Information

Telephone: 617-287-6964
Office Location: Wheatley Hall,05,00084