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About Julie Eaton

My expertise is in variational analysis, optimization, statistics and data visualization.
Variational analysis and optimization:
I am interested in the variational properties of polynomial root functions and spectral functions, which arise in eigenvalue optimization problems. Examples of spectral functions are the spectral abscissa (largest real part of an eigenvalue) and spectral radius (largest eigenvalue in modulus), which are tied to the asymptotic behavior of dynamical systems.

Statistics, data visualization applied to public health surveillance:
My work in statistics and data visualization revolves around my involvement in a public health project for influenza surveillance. This work consists of three main components: data visualization, identifying patterns of error in data and developing an automated routine for error detection, and generating prediction intervals for the proxy flu rate.
The accrued package in R for visualizing data quality of partially accruing data can be found here:


Present Assistant Professor, University of Washington Tacoma School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences

Curriculum Vitae


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Honors and Awards

  • AWM-NSF Mentoring Travel Grant


  • TCSS 321: Discrete Structures I
  • TMATH 310: Statistics with applications for environmental science
  • TMATH 307: Differential Equations
  • TMATH 126: Calculus III
  • TMATH 125: Calculus II
  • TMATH 124: Calculus I
  • TMATH 120: Precalculus
  • TMATH 110: Introduction to Statistics and its Applications