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About Judith Lothian

Dr. Lothian has been a maternal/child nurse, childbirth educator, and an advocate for birthing women for over 4 decades. The focus of her practice has been childbirth education. She is currently the Chair of the Certification Council for Lamaze International that is responsible for developing the international certification examination for Lamaze certified childbirth educators. She is also the Associate Editor of the Journal of Perinatal Education and write a regular column for the JPE. Her advocacy work includes national leadership positions in Lamaze International and national work with Childbirth Connection, the American College of Nurse Midwives,and the Coalition for Improving Maternity Services.
Dr. Lothian is the co-author of The Official Lamaze Guide: Giving Birth with Confidence.
Her research interests are breastfeeding and childbirth. She is currently completing a qualitative research study of the experience of home birth for women and their midwives.


Present Graduate Chair and Professor - Graduate Dept., Seton Hall University college of nursing


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Honors and Awards

  • College of Nursing Researcher of the Year, 2016
  • Albert Hakim Faculty Service Award, 2016
  • Fellow in the American Academy of Nursing 2015
  • Doulas of North America 2008 for "The Evidences Basis for the Ten Steps of Mother Friendly Care", Intramural Research Award, Seton Hall University.
  • Elisabeth Bing Award for outstanding contributions to childbirth education 2015
  • Coalition for Improving Maternity Services, Intramural Research Award, Seton Hall University, 2007.

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