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Foundations of Multicultural Psychology: Research to Inform Effective Practice.
  • Joseph E. Trimble, PhD
  • Timothy B. Smith
Multicultural psychology is a vibrant, emerging discipline with great potential to inform therapists about cultural considerations relevant to mental health. But to what extent are existing assumptions about culturally-informed practice based on research evidence? 

This book brings clarity to the current evidence base, so the conversation becomes more reliant on data than opinion. Using meta-analytic methods to summarize what we know, the authors establish core principles for multicultural scholarship and provide some answers to the fundamental questions. For instance, how large are racial discrepancies in mental health service utilization and what factors predict them? How are perceptions of racism and ethnic identity related to psychological well-being? And to what extent can therapists multicultural competence benefit diverse clients? The answers to these questions are relevant to every therapist who works in our multicultural world.
  • Multicultural psychology
Publication Date
Timothy B. Smith and Joseph E. Trimble
American Psychological Association
Citation Information
Joseph E. Trimble, PhD and Timothy B. Smith. Foundations of Multicultural Psychology: Research to Inform Effective Practice.. Washington, DC(2015)
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