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About Joseph J. Torres

My lab studies the physiology and ecology of pelagic species. We are interested in a wide variety of taxa, including the crustaceans, gelatinous organisms, and fishes, and have focused on sizes from 2 mm on up to several cm. Our main concerns lie in how open-ocean species acquire and use energy and how they have adapted to the temperatures and oxygen levels that typify their habitat. Field work takes place aboard research vessels and our sampling includes multiple opening and closing nets and blue water SCUBA diving. Many of our physiological measurements are done on board ship; shipboard measurements are complemented by a suite of bioChemical analyses that are done in our home lab. Most recently, we have been a part of the Southern Ocean Global Ocean Ecosystems Dynamics program (SO-GLOBEC) that is examining the overwintering strategies of the Antarctic krill, Euphausia superba, on the western Antarctic Peninsula continental shelf.


Present Professor of Biological Oceanography, University of South Florida

Contact Information

Office Phone: (727) 553-1169


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