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About Jon McGowan

Dr. Jon G. McGowan has technical expertise in a wide area of renewable energy subjects, especially in the area of systems analysis, siting, and resource assessment. He has served as principal or co-principal investigator on three state or national wind energy siting and feasibility studies. He has taught advanced level windpower and solar energy courses at the UMass-Amherst, as well as several courses on renewable energy systems. Dr. McGowan has been a co-principal investigator on current National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) renewable energy contracts including "Wind Energy Curriculum Development, "Optimization Studies of Wind/Diesel Systems" and "Hybrid Power Systems". He has participated in and directed several research projects in the specific area of renewable energy systems analysis and modeling such as: 1) Wind/solar heating, 2) Passive solar heating, 3) Wind/domestic water heating, 4) Wind/Rankine cycle systems and 5) Wind/reverse osmosis water desalination systems. He served as a co-principal investigator on original UMass (1970's) NSF/ERDA/DOE wind heating project and was responsible for the overall system analytical modeling, technical, and economic feasibility phases of this study. Also, he was a co-principal investigator on the UMass-Amherst Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion project, which was funded over several years by a number of U.S. Government agencies. Dr. McGowan has directed several wind siting and resource assessment projects and currently serves as a solar/ wind system consultant to the U.S. Department of Commerce's Office of Energy Related Inventions. He has published over 90 technical papers in the renewable energy field and numerous technical reports on the subject, and has been active in supporting renewable energy programs in several technical societies. In addition to his renewable energy work, he has been a technical consultant to the development laboratories of ABB-Combustion Engineering Power Systems in Windsor, CT for over 25 years. At ABB-CE he has worked on numerous projects involving the development of fossil fired combustion systems.


Present Professor, Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering, College of Engineering, University of Massachusetts Amherst

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Contact Information

Gunness Lab 12
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Amherst MA, 01003
Tel: 413-545-2756