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About John Jaszczak

My research focuses on theory and computer modeling of materials. I'm currently working on single-electron transistor devices, in collaboration with the experimental groups of Dr. Y. K. Yap (Physics) and Dr. Paul Bergstrom (Electrical and Computer Engineering). I also study materials in which interfaces, such as surfaces, grain boundaries, or interphase boundaries, play an important role. I use a collection of simulation methods including Monte Carlo and molecular dynamics, as well as numerical and analytical techniques. I am also interested in the elastic properties of superlattices, phase transitions at surfaces, crystal shapes, crystal growth, and nanotechnology education.


1992 Present Adjunct Curator, Michigan Technological University A. E. Seaman Mineral Museum
Present Professor of Physics, Michigan Technological University

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  • Fundamentals of Nanoscale Science and Technology
  • University Physics II: Electricity and Magnetism
  • University Physics I: Mechanics

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