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Summer Assignments for Principles of Chemistry I
SoTL Commons Conference
  • Jessica Orvis, Georgia Southern University
  • Chelsea Perry, Georgia Southern University
Proposal Abstract
Students often enter Principles of Chemistry I deficient in chemistry or math skills or unprepared for the amount of work required to do well in the course. In an effort to better prepare students for the course, a summer assignment was given to all 600 incoming first year students registered for Principles of Chemistry I in Summer 2011. The Pearson online homework system, Masteringchemistry, is used for homework and study in Principles of Chemistry I and II, so it was chosen as the platform for the development of a summer assignment requiring roughly two hours of time to complete. Initial data showed the relationship between the performance of students on the summer assignment and the grade earned in the course. Analysis will attempt to answer the question: Does a summer assignment lead to improved student performance in Principles of Chemistry I? The summer assignment is intended to improve student performance and progression in the chosen major.
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Presentation (Open Access)
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Jessica Orvis and Chelsea Perry. "Summer Assignments for Principles of Chemistry I" (2012)
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