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About Jeffrey Alan Fletcher

My research focuses on evolution theory--especially theories of altruism evolution (inclusive fitness, multilevel selection theory, reciprocal altruism) and how these theories relate to each other. I am also interested in how general theories (that apply to systems across many disciplines) such as game theory, information theory, chaos theory, and theories of "complexity" can be used in novel ways to investigate problems in evolutionary biology. My methods focus on evolutionary simulations and analytical models, as well as some empirical work on neotropical social spiders. My use of models has led me to think more deeply about the role models play in the scientific method and how this role is not well defined (e.g., in comparison to the role of empirical experiments). Finally, I am intrigued by the intersection between scientific and social understandings, both in how social forces influence the course of scientific advancement and in how scientific understanding is applied (or misapplied) to social problems.


Present Assistant Professor, Portland State University Systems Science

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