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An unusual scalp lesion in a premature infant
Paediatrics & Child Health (2020)
  • Renee Xin-Wei Pang
  • Anita Cheng, Western University
  • Javed Mohammed, Western University
A 15-day-old infant male was referred to our tertiary care centre to investigate crusted, necrotic lesions forming a partial circumferential ring on his parieto-occipital scalp. No necrosis or cutaneous injury was documented at the time of delivery. After a week of life, the crust detached, revealing several purulent areas of necrosis, prompting the consultation (Figure 1). This was treated as a possible bacterial infection and intravenous antibiotics were started.
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Renee Xin-Wei Pang, Anita Cheng and Javed Mohammed. "An unusual scalp lesion in a premature infant" Paediatrics & Child Health (2020)
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