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Leaf Area-Sapwood Area Relations of Lodgepole Pine as Influenced by Stand Density and Site Index
Canadian Jorunal of Forest Research
  • James N Long
  • Frederick W Smith
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Leaf area to sapwood area ratios for a given species are believed to vary with factors such as site quality, stand density, early stand growth rates, and crown class. Based on data from 55 mature lodgepole pine trees (Pinuscontorta var. latifolia Dougl.) from 10 plots in southeastern Wyoming, we conclude that putative density and site effects on leaf area - sapwood area relations are actually a consequence of the increase in the leaf area to sapwood area ratio with increasing sapwood area. When leaf area is estimated with a nonlinear model that includes tree size and distance to the live crown, the apparent effects of stand density and site index disappear. We consider a constant ratio of leaf area and sapwood cross-sectional area to be inappropriate for the estimation of leaf area across the range of stand conditions included in most studies of forest ecology.

Originally published by the National Research Council - Canada. Abstract available through remote link. Subscription required to access article fulltext.

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Long, J.N. and F.W. Smith (1988). Leaf area-sapwood area relations of lodgepole pine as influenced by stand density and site index. Can. J. For. Res. 18(2):247-250