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About James P. Evans

My research interests involved structural geology, study of faulted and fractured rocks, deformation of earth materials, regional geology, and the relationship between rock deformation and fluid flow. Current work includes use of scientific drilling to examine deep parts of faults, field work to study fractured rocks, interaction of CO2 with rocks, and fractured and karstified rock and its impact on groundwater flow. Geologic studies in the Rocky Mountain west and California involve ancient to recent deformation. We are also interested in making field based observations of faulted and fractured rocks, and linking these observations with the physical processes of earthquake nucleation and rupture propagation, especially in the regions where earthquake energy is radiated. Teaching includes field geology, structural geology, geomechanics, integrated earth sciences, and petroleum systems. Advised 24 graduate students and 16 undergraduate projects at USU, and sponsored research from NSF, USGS, DOE, state, industry, and foundation sources. Published over 50 peer-reviewed papers, numerous unrefereed papers, and several geologic maps. I was the chief editor of the Journal of Structural Geology from 1997-2002, and an associate editor 1992-1997. In addition to regular editing duties, I was the main editor for three special volumes.


Present Professor, Utah State University Geosciences

Curriculum Vitae


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Honors and Awards

  • Teacher of the year - College of Science at Utah State University
  • Researcher of the year - College of Science at Utah State University

Contact Information

Utah State University
Geology 204
Logan, Utah 84322

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