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About James A. Borland

James Borland has authored more than eighty articles and reviews, including “Re-Examining New Testament Textual Critical Principles and Practices Used to Negate Inerrancy” JETS 25:4 (Dec., 1982), “A Theologian Looks at the Gospel and World Religions” JETS 33:1 (March, 1990), and has delivered thirteen papers at meetings of the Evangelical Theological Society. Since attending Jerusalem University College in Israel (1972-73), Dr. Borland has been the teaching professor on five additional trips to the Holy Land. He is currently in his 35nd year of teaching at Liberty University and Liberty Seminary. He has six married children, and has played the violin for 58 years, having begun the year in which he trusted Christ as Savior in 1953. Jim’s wife, Linda, is also a teacher and head of the Science Department at Sandusky Middle School in Lynchburg, Virginia. The Borlands currently have twenty grandchildren.


Present Professor of Biblical Studies and Theology, Liberty University

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