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About Jacqueline L. Urla

My most recent book is entitled Reclaiming Basque: Language, Nation, and Cultural Activism with the University of Nevada Press (Spring 2012).
My research has focused on the changing strategies of grassroots cultural activism, technologies of knowledge and power, the politics of popular culture, minority languages, and the semiotics of resistance. I’ve done long term ethnographic research with Basque language advocates examining such issues as language standardization, youth community media projects, music and the political uses of statistics. I’m interested in theorizing the intersecting logics of nationalism, governmentality, and late capitalism. I am co-PI for our Department's Cultural Heritage in European Societies and Spaces [CHESS] program. Funded by the National Science Foundation Grant Number OISE-0968575, CHESS is a unique field school that trains students for ethnographic research.
I'm currently collaborating on a team project studying the experiences of people who are “new speakers” of Basque as part of an EU COST Action: New Speakers in Multilingual Europe.
I have also begun new fieldwork on collective memory and public protest by the relatives and victims of the Spanish civil war.


Present Director, Modern European Studies Program, University of Massachusetts - Amherst
Present Professor, Department of Anthropology, University of Massachusetts - Amherst

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