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About Ian M. Anderson

Ian M. Anderson joined the Department of Mathematics at Utah State University in 1979.
Since then he has held visiting positions at the Univ. of Minnesota, Univ. of Utah, Univ. of Washington, Univ. of North
Carolina and the Univ. of Montreal.
His field of research is differential geometry and its applications to mathematical physics and differential equations.
Specific areas of expertise include the inverse problem of the calculus of variations, variational bicomplexes,
symmetric methods in general relativity, symmetry reduction of differential equations and variational principles,
exterior differential systems theory and solution generating techniques for differential equations.
He is the author or co-author of more that 40 journal articles and conference proceedings and
author of the DifferentialGeometry software package, part of the Maple distributed library. This research has been
supported regularly by grants from the National Science Foundation. Professor Anderson is frequently an invited speaker
at international differential geometry conferences and workshops.
Professor Anderson has taught a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate classes.
He especially enjoys teaching advanced calculus, differential equations, differential geometry, linear algebra, and Lie theory. He is currently
advising 4 graduate students.


Present Professor, Utah State University Mathematics and Statistics

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