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About Hidefumi Katsuura

I am interested in studying Topology, Geometry, and Analysis, but not limited to these. I like to read whatever regardless of the category. Math Monthly, Math Magazine and CMJ are my favorite journals to read. They contain many articles and problems that inspire me. Even though I publish in other journals, I love to publish articles, problems, and solutions to problems in these journals. I like to write articles for general math audience.
My hobby is woodworking. I have many woodworking power tools for rough shaping. But my passion is to use Japanese hand tools. For example, hand planning, making mortise joints by chisels, and hand sawing for detail and intricate construction. I also make bowls using my wood-lathe. Salvaged redwood is my favorite material. Very often, they are beautiful.


Present Professor, Department of Mathematics, San Jose State University


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