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About Eunsu Kang, PhD

Eunsu Kang is a media artist from Korea. She creates audiovisual spaces interacting with people. Her interest in a body without a “normal” communicative method and its metamorphosis into a “singing” body has been embodied as a hybrid artwork with interactive video, spatial sound, site-specific installation and performance. Creating interdisciplinary projects, her signature has been seamless integration of art disciplines and innovative techniques. Her work has been invited to numerous places around the world including Japan, China, Switzerland, Sweden, France, Germany and the US. All nine of her solo shows, consisting of individual or collaborative projects, were invited or awarded. Her researches have been presented at prestigious conferences such as ACM, ICMC and ISEA. Kang earned her Ph.D. in Digital Arts and Experimental Media from DXARTS at the University of Washington. She received an MA in Media Arts and Technology from UCSB and an MFA from the Ewha Woman's University. She is currently an Associate Professor of New Media Art at the University of Akron in Ohio, USA.


Present Associate Professor of Art, New Media, The University of Akron Mary Schiller Myers School of Art

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