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Academic Branding: A Case of Six Faculty
International Textile and Apparel Association (ITAA) Annual Conference Proceedings
  • Courtney Johnson, Iowa State University
  • Eulanda Sanders, Iowa State University
PPD: Pedagogy and Professional Development

Branding is not just a marketing tool used in the business world. Aside from businesses, branding has been proven successful for universities, but what about the employees of these universities? Is their brand synonymous with the university's brand? In academia, professional branding can be applied to: (a) further one's career, (b) move through the tenure process, and (c) gain national and international recognition. In this digital age, personal blogs and websites have been on the rise and are helpful in job searching. Branding through websites is a way for academic professionals to have a digital portfolio speak for them to potential academic institutions. Research on academic branding is limited, but this case study aims to explore the topic. The researchers documented and examined the process of developing professional websites for six tenure-track professors in the human sciences, in which for are in the apparel and merchandising discipline. The ultimate goal was to develop "best practices" for academic branding for tenure eligible faculty.

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Courtney Johnson and Eulanda Sanders. "Academic Branding: A Case of Six Faculty" (2017)
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