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SCORM Modules for IL Instruction and Assessment
LibTech Conference (2019)
  • Eric A. Kowalik, Marquette University
Rapid e-learning programs such as Articulate Storyline make it possible to develop highly interactive sharable content object reference model (SCORM) packages without advanced programming knowledge. These SCORM packages can be loaded into most learning management systems (LMS) and allow librarians to better gauge students' information literacy competency and create flipped instruction opportunities to allow for better use of valuable in-class time. Learn about the development, implementation, and evaluation of these SCORM packages, then join us in helping to improve them by downloading the open source packages from the project GitHub site -
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Publication Date
Spring March 20, 2019
St. Paul, MN
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Eric A. Kowalik. "SCORM Modules for IL Instruction and Assessment" LibTech Conference (2019)
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