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About Elizabeth J. Sandell, Ph.D.

Elizabeth J. Sandell is a professor in the College of Education at Minnesota State University, Mankato, MN. She received her B. A. (Social Work), M. A. (Educational Administration), and Ph. D. (Education) from the University of Minnesota. She has traveled to all 50 states and to 6 continents. Her research agenda includes development and evaluation of approaches to multicultural and diverse education in USA and in the Russian Federation. Her professional experience has included teaching in child care and kindergarten, administration in public school programs for parents’ education, director of Christian Education at a local parish, and administration at the University of Minnesota. She is a Past President of the Minnesota Association for the Education of Young Children. She has mentored more than 40 undergraduate students in academic research projects.


Present Professor, Human Relations in Education, Minnesota State University, Mankato

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  • Research (undergraduate)
  • Human Relations in a Multicultural Society

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