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About Edward Luis Ramos

Edward Luis Ramos is currently a senior undergraduate at the University of Central Florida majoring in chemistry with an emphasis in biochemistry. He has been working in a synthetic chemical research group with principal investigator Dr. Yu Yuan for the past year and a half. The research emphasis has been principally on the synthesis of teixobactin, an 11 amino acid despipeptide with a potent antimicrobial mode of action, and its analogues. Other projects involve investigating efficient methodologies in synthesizing THF ring moeity. He is also the Colombian Student Association Academic Director, where he cofounded the Parceritos Mentoring Program. The program's goal is to facilitate success for Latino and minority students, and to encourage involvement in extracurriculars search as observer-ships, research, etc. Aside from his academics, he is an avid Latin dancer, and is currently practicing to defend his dance team's title of world Bachata Champions. Ultimately, however, his professional aspiration is to become a surgeon that serves underprivileged communities in the nation's urban cities.

Curriculum Vitae


Present BS, Research Assistant, University of Central Florida ‐ Chemistry Department