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About Diane J. Janvrin

Since arriving at Iowa State University in 2001, Diane Janvrin, associate professor of accounting has proven to be, in the words of former Dean Labh Hira, “a great teacher, an accomplished researcher and a very engaged member of our faculty.” Janvrin’s ever-growing list of research publications reflects an interest in the effects of computer-based programs, information, and graphics on finance-related issues from audits to investing. The William L. Varner Professorship provides support enabling her to continue her studies in these critical areas.
For example, Janvrin is an expert in eXtensible Business Reporting Language, a standards-based language for communicating and exchanging business information between business systems. In December 2008, the use of XBRL was mandated for U.S. publicly traded companies as a means of providing open, more consistent communication. “The Securities and Exchange Commission intended for investors to make better decisions based on having access to more information,” said Janvrin, “but we are finding that they may not be using the data as effectively as they could.” In another study, she is exploring fraud in the virtual world — a hot topic that is having real-world consequences.


Present Associate Professor, Iowa State University Department of Accounting
Present William L. Varner Professor, Iowa State University


Research Interests

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Honors and Awards

  • Mark and Pam Fisher Fellowship in Accounting
  • William L. Varner Professor

Contact Information

3365 Gerdin
2167 Union Dr
Ames, IA 50011-1350


Peer-Reviewed Articles (13)