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What You Should Know: Transitioning to College Science Courses
Interdisciplinary STEM Teaching & Learning Conference
  • Delena Bell Gatch, Georgia Southern University
  • Jim LoBue, Georgia Southern University
  • Michelle Cawthorn, Georgia Southern University
Session Format
Poster Session (60 minutes)
Nessmith-Lane Conference Center Lobby
Abstract for the conference program

Careers in math, science, and engineering are accompanied by a challenging course of study, and students need to be well prepared. This poster lists the key skills that students should have upon entering college, to succeed in math, science, or engineering.

Proposal Track
Research Project
Start Date
3-8-2013 9:00 AM
End Date
3-8-2013 9:20 AM
Citation Information
Delena Bell Gatch, Jim LoBue and Michelle Cawthorn. "What You Should Know: Transitioning to College Science Courses" (2013)
Available at: