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24 and Twenty-First Century Quality Television
Reading 24: TV against the Clock (2007)
  • Daniel Chamberlain, Occidental College

Time has named 24 one of the "Best Television Events of the Decade." With an innovative format that uses one hour of real time for each episode, and a season that comprises one twenty-four hour period, the show zeroes in on the fears and dangers of a post-9/11 world and the ways in which threats are transmitted, tracked down, and fought. From assassination attempts and germ warfare to horrific terrorist plots, Kiefer Sutherland's Agent Jack Bauer embodies America's darkest fears and its perilous place in the world today. This book brings together critical discussions of the series from many different perspectives. It covers everything from the show's unconventional format to discussions of globalism, oil, the politics of torture, and gender, and includes an episode guide.

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Steven Peacock
I. B. Tauris
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Daniel Chamberlain. "24 and Twenty-First Century Quality Television" Reading 24: TV against the Clock (2007)
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