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About Curtis Brown

I have always been interested in philosophy, although I didn't immediately realize this. As an undergraduate at St. Olaf College, I first thought that I would major in English, but found that my interest in literary interpretation led me to aesthetics and the philosophy of language.
Later I planned to major in sociology, but my interest in sociological theory and methodology led me to the philosophy of science. Eventually I ended up where I belonged, in the philosophy department.
My interests continue to be interdisciplinary, with special interests in computer science and cognitive science. One of the great things about teaching philosophy, as I once heard the philosopher Arthur Fine point out, is that if you become interested in a subject X, no matter what X might be, you can justify studying it by declaring that you are working on the Philosophy of X.


Present Professor, Philosophy, Trinity University Department of Philosophy

Contact Information

Department of Philosophy
Trinity University
One Trinity Place
San Antonio, TX 78212

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