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About Dr Claire Scoular

Dr Claire Scoular is a Research Fellow at ACER, working with the Global Educational Monitoring centre and contributing to the improvement of assessment practices in education. Her expertise is embedded in the application and statistical analysis of psychological measurement. Her specific interests centre around the assessment of 21st century skills, including traditional and automated test delivery systems as well as classroom based applications. At the University of Melbourne, her PhD identified a measurement methodology and test design systems for assessing collaboration in online automated environments. Her experience in psychometric assessment, intervention work and research spans across the UK, USA, New Zealand, Australia, the Philippines, and Vietnam.
Dr Scoular also works as a Research Fellow at the Assessment Research Centre, University of Melbourne and the Assessment, Curriculum, and Technology Centre, University of the Philippines. She has previously developed, coordinated and delivered subjects on the Masters of Instructional Leadership, Masters of Educational Psychology, and the Masters of Clinical Teaching at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education.


Present Research Fellow, Educational Monitoring and Research, Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER)

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