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About Cindy Isenhour

As an ecological and economic anthropologist I am particularly interested in environmental risk perception, economic decision-making and cooperation for environmental governance. Much of my recent work has focused on policies, institutions and everyday practices designed to encourage more “sustainable consumption” in highly affluent urban contexts. This work builds on a growing international recognition that successful and just governance of the global commons will require significant reductions in resource use and emissions in the so-called “developed” world. Drawing on work in institutional and ecological economics my work compliments anthropological insights into ecological cooperation, institution building and adaptation in rural and subsistence-based economies with research on urban sustainability policy and practice. I have conducted field work in the US, Central America, China, and Scandinavia and am currently working on a new project designed to explore the policy and environmental justice implications of consumption-based emissions accounting for Chinese producers and Swedish consumers.


Present Assistant Professor, University of Maine Department of Anthropology

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Department of Anthropology
University of Maine
5773 S. Stevens Hall, Rm. 230
Orono, Maine 04469-5773


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