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About Chris Luecke

I provide leadership in the areas of fisheries, aquatic ecology, water quality, aquatic wildlife, and/or protected species for diverse water resources projects. Current research interests: Function of aquatic food webs, conservation biology, life history characteristics of aquatic organisms, restoration ecology and using stable isotopes as tracers of ecosystem processes.


Present Professor, Utah State University Watershed Sciences
Present Dean, Utah State University S.J. & Jessie E. Quinney College of Natural Resources

Curriculum Vitae

Honors and Awards

  • Lifetime Achievement award from the Utah Chapter of the American Fisheries Society
  • Undergraduate Research Mentor of the Year - College of Natural Resources
  • Advisor of the Year – College of Natural Resources,
  • Faculty Advisor of the Year – Utah State University,
  • Fisheries and Wildlife Graduate Student Mentor of the Year

Refereed Articles (50)