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About Charles Connor

My primary research interests are physical volcanology and geophysics. My students, collaborators, and I concentrate on phenomena that can be studied from field, lab, and numerical perspectives. The ideal project for me involves hard field work (usually on volcanoes!), a lab component where the geologic processes can be studied in isolation and simplified form, and numerical simulation for understanding the basic physical controls on the process. Because this tripartite solution is so hard to achieve, my ideal project also involves lots of collaboration!
In volcanology, my research has focused on development of volcanic hazard and risk models. I also devote considerable energy to development of new techniques for understanding the structural setting of basaltic volcanic fields, particularly in the southern Basin and Range, and to monitoring and modeling heat and mass transfer in volcanoes, with the goal of improving volcano monitoring. I conduct this research at volcanoes all over the world, including: Cerro Negro, Masaya (Nicaragua); Kirishima (Japan); Aragats (Armenia); Chaiten (Chile).
My research in geophysics involves high resolution magnetic surveys and techniques, inversion of magnetic data, for example using the downhill simplex methods, data processing using Fourier transforms and wavelets, and some transient electromagnetics. I most enjoy geophysics when we can successfully use multiple methods simultaneously to create a clear picture of a geological structure or geological process. Recent geophysics projects have been in Armenia, Nicaragua, the western US, and Japan.


Present Professor of Geology, University of South Florida


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Office: SCA 530
Phone: 813/974-0325


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