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About Carolyn M. West

Armed with my first adult library card, at age 12 I checked out the book Scream Quietly or the Neighbors Will Hear. This book was one of the early academic efforts to investigate domestic violence. Today, I spend my professional life writing, training, and consulting. My primary goal is to produce research that can be applied to real life problems. For example, I create culturally sensitive training material for domestic violence/sexual assault advocates.
In 1997, after completing my second post-doctoral fellowship at the University of New Hampshire, the opportunity to help build an institution and a psychology program drew me to UWT. I teach a range of psychology courses related to violence and sexuality, including Family Violence, Human Sexuality, Sex Crimes and Sexual Violence, Sexual Deviance.
I study the long-term consequences of intimate partner violence and sexual assault. I also investigate the hypersexualization of young women in the media.
For me, teaching is like intellectual performance art. I move between lecture, discussion, video, and group activities. Every student is encouraged to participate. My overall teaching philosophy is simple: Be authentic. Always treat students with respect and dignity. Encourage students to speak in their own voices. Have fun.


Present Associate Professor, University of Washington Tacoma School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences

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