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About Caroline C. Krejci

Dr. Krejci’s research interests are focused on the development of quantitative methodologies for the analysis and management of supply networks and production systems. These methodologies include agent-based simulation, discrete-event simulation, and mathematical modeling. She specializes in modeling supply networks as complex adaptive systems, which enables the realistic representation of network participants as autonomous and heterogeneous agents that are capable of complex planning, decision making, interactions, and adaptations in a dynamic environment. Such complex systems often exhibit unpredictable and nonlinear behavior, which can be captured through the use of agent-based modeling techniques. Analysis of the network structures that emerge over time under a variety of simulated conditions can inform the development of appropriate system management policies.


Present Assistant Professor, Iowa State University Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering

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Honors and Awards

  • UW Industrial & Systems Engineering Outstanding Graduate Student Award, 2012
  • UW SWE Outstanding Female Industrial & Systems Engineering Graduate Student, 2012
  • UW College of Engineering Student Innovator Teaching Award, 2011
  • UW Industrial & Systems Engineering Outstanding Graduate Student Award, 2011
  • UW Huckabay Teaching Fellowship, 2010
  • UW Industrial & Systems Engineering Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award, 2009


  • IE 564X: Decision Analysis in System Design
  • IE 565: Systems Engineering & Analysis

Contact Information

Office: 3031 Black Engineering
Phone: 515-294-4867
Fax: 515-294-3524


Proceedings & Presentations (13)

Publications (3)