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About Brooke Love

It's probably appropriate that I ended up in an Environmental Science department, and a Marine Center. I have always split my interests between various fields, but always circled back to water and the environment. I started out as an engineering major at Stanford, then switched to engineering geology, where I could use practical approaches to look at questions about the earth. I just found rocks to be a lot more interesting than bridges, and field camp a lot more appealing than the computer lab. Of course I have come to love the computer lab as well, but only in so far as it helps me see further into the data I collect about the natural world.

I served in the Peace Corps for two years in Mali, which was an incredible experience. I did some environmental education, worked in the health center, built some wells, drank a lot of tea and learned a lot about myself and about what it's like to be a stranger. It was one of the best things I have ever done and though and I am sure it was more valuable to me than to the people in my village, I hope I left the place a little better than when I arrived.

I came back to the states and returned to school to take premed classes. This is a common reaction to Peace Corps service. I soon realized that I dislike memorization way too much to make it through med school, but discovered an interest in chemistry at the same time. I found a graduate program (at the University of Washington) where I could indulge my interests in chemistry, geology, water, and engineering, and muck around in boats and submarines at the same time. I graduated in 2009 from UW in chemical oceanography after spending a few years building a sensor to measure CO2 in deep ocean hot springs (black smokers).

I came to Western and have been teaching in Environmental Science, and at the Shannon Point Marine Center as part of the MIMSUP program. I have branched out from CO2 in very hot places, to focus on some collaborative research on ocean acidification - the effects of CO2 on the ecology of our future oceans.


Present Faculty Member, Western Washington University
Present Associate Professor, Environmental Sciences, Huxley College of the Environment, Western Washington University Huxley College of the Environment
Present Associate Professor, Shannon Point Marine Center, Western Washington University Shannon Point Marine Center

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Honors and Awards

  • 2016 - Excellence in Teaching Award, Western Washington University
  • 2006 - Link Foundation Fellowship for Ocean Engineering and Instrumentation
  • 2003 - Dean A McManus Excellence in Teaching Award
  • 2002 - Achievement Reward for College Scientists (ARCS) fellowship


2009 Ph.D., University of Washington ‐ Department of Chemical Oceanography
2002 Additional Chemistry Coursework, California Polytechnic State University ‐ Department of Chemistry
1997 B.S., Stanford University ‐ Department of Engineering Geology

Contact Information

Environmental Sciences, ES 435
Western Washington University, Mail Stop 9181
Bellingham, WA 98225

Phone: (360) 650-2894


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