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About Brad Berven

Brad Berven hails from Perth, Western Australia and completed his PhD in Chemistry there in 2006, at the University of Western Australia. He travelled for a year after his PhD, including a working/snowboarding stint in Banff, and in August 2007 travelled back to Perth and began work for a small pharmaceutical company Epichem. After 2 years with Epichem he entered back into the University-fold, where he spent a year undertaking teaching and research, until he found his current Postdoctoral position at Western. He has travelled here with his wife, Renae, and they are gradually visiting all the pubs that London Ontario has to offer. Although it is colder here in Canada, the scientific opportunities here greatly outweigh what Australia can offer.


Present Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Chemistry, Western University

Contact Information

Department of Chemistry
The University of Western Ontario
519-661-2111 x81474