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About Benjamin E Surpless

Ben Surpless is an Associate Professor of Geosciences at Trinity, where he teaches courses in Structural Geology, Environmental Geology, Exploring Earth, Physical Geology Laboratory, and the Earth Systems senior seminar, Land use, Geology, and the Environment. Ben involves students in his research in western Nevada and western Texas, where he investigates the geologic evolution of fault and fold systems.
Ben grew up in northern Wisconsin, the son of high school teachers, and went to college at Carleton College in Minnesota before attending graduate school at Stanford University. At Stanford, he combined field and laboratory research to elucidate the evolution of fault systems in western Nevada. At the same time, Ben’s experiences as a teaching assistant began to shape his teaching style, which involves a combination of active, hands-on field and laboratory inquiry, thoughtful discussion, and the use of clear, concise visual examples to accompany complex material.


Present Associate Professor, Geosciences, Trinity University Department of Geosciences

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  • Physical Geology
  • Environmental Geology
  • Structural Geology
  • Land Use Analysis

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