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Effects of surfaces on dynamic percolation
Physical Review A (1988)
  • H. K. Janssen
  • B. Schaub
  • Beate Schmittmann

The general epidemic process, which is a stochastic multiparticle process belonging to the universality class of dynamic percolation, is studied in a semi-infinite geometry. Critical exponents characterizing the fractal properties are calculated to O(ε) (ε=6-d, where d is the spatial dimension) with use of renormalization-group techniques.

Publication Date
December 15, 1988
Publisher Statement
Copyright 1988 American Physical Society. Posted with permission.
Citation Information
H. K. Janssen, B. Schaub and Beate Schmittmann. "Effects of surfaces on dynamic percolation" Physical Review A Vol. 38 (1988)
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